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Saturday, you'll take your place in our Fairmont Suites to watch practice and qualifying, with full VIP hospitality. On Sunday, race day, head to the biggest of Monaco's grandstands, Tribune K, for spectacular views of the harbour section of the circuit.

Fairmont Suites - Saturday

Superb views from these small suites each with its own balcony. With a capacity of around 10-12 people per suite you are assured excellent service from your in-suite wait staff and floor hosts. A superb lunch will be offered accompanied by an inclusive bar featuring premium Champagne, fine wines, selected beers and soft drinks.

Tribune K - Sunday

Expect an incredible view from this, one of the most popular, grandstands in Monaco. Located adjacent to Tabac Corner and running towards the Piscine/Swimming Pool complex, you've a great view over the harbour and track running from the Nouvelle Chicane through Tabac on on. Your view is boosted by a big screen on the hillside to the left.


We have selected a small range of hotels to compliment the hospitality and race viewing in this experience.

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